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11,780 Votes: Trump Asks Georgia to change the election, but he's singing Seasons of Love from Rent

Breaking into song is always the last stand. The original song is Seasons of Love– we're dropping this parody free on
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11,780 votes, which is one more than we have (no)
11,780 votes that I need (no)
11,780 votes to win the election (no)
FELLAS, give me a break, i need 11,000 votes, please (no, sir)

Dead people (no)
Phony ballots (wrong)
The women and men started screaming (um)
Stacey Abrams
The internet
Doe-minion machines (we did a hand retally)
11,780 votes to win the election
I need those votes, and I don't care how long it takes me

And there's nothing wroooooooooong [with flipping the state]
there's nothing wroooooooooong [give me a break]
there's nothing wroooooooooong [this could be straightened out]
there's nothing wroooooooooong with saying you've recalculated

Please, Brad
Why, why
Please, brad
And you're a Republican...why don't you wanna find this?
Outro patter

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The Latest 3 Best Kayak For Dogs


The kayak has dominated the water sports market for years, is an activity that anyone can enjoy. From sea kayaking, fishing, long lake paddles, and overnight camping trips, people are stretching the limits of this fun summer activity. Many people even bring their dogs for their kayak trip.

It may seem complicated to bring your dog, but in most cases, training, your dog is quite easy, especially if they like water. Finding the best kayak for dogs is easier than ever. In fact, bringing your furry friend has become so popular that many companies are redesigning their kayaks to make it easier than ever to take your dog kayaking with you.


This kayak is perfect for those traveling in a group. If you are kayaking with a couple, a family, or your hairy family, this kayak is built for you. With a capacity of 2 adults plus a child (or dog), this kayak has a generous weight capacity of 375-425 pounds. Despite his family ride, the three-seat format allows him to row only in a central seat as well. Three molded seat wells allow you to choose your bow, stern, or middle seat. This allows you to easily locate the whole family.

This spacious kayak allows you to carry the family and even has space to carry your equipment. The boat is equipped with equipment straps that help you carry all your important belongings with you. Two comfortable and comfortable seats make this a great option for longer blades.

Molded handles help ensure this kayak is easy to transport and convenient to use. Overlapping foot holes allows cyclists of all sizes to feel comfortable. This surface kayak is incredibly stable, which makes it ideal for riding with dogs. Weighing less than 60 pounds, this dog kayak is a great option for the whole family.


If you are watching for a fishing kayak large enough for the dog to come too, then this inflatable dog kayak may be just what you are looking for. Made of durable 18 gauge PVC material, this kayak is durable enough to handle your dog’s nails. The rugged 1000D canvas bottom combines with the 840D nylon cover to provide superior perforation protection. This makes it ideal for those with large dogs. With multiple air chambers, you are protected in the rare case that you drill your boat. This means that if your kayak has a hole, only one section will deflate instead of the entire boat, which will give you time to get safe.

This kayak has a high-quality hermetic system that guarantees the absence of air leaks. A Boston valve is offered on this boat that allows it to be easy to inflate and deflate. This kayak is prepared to be a fisherman’s dream. With a Berkley Quick Set rod holder, you can enjoy hands-free fishing. On-board paddle holders help keep your paddle safe while in your hands.

Those looking to take their fishing experience a step further will love the fact that this kayak is ready to be used with a Sevylor trolling engine if they wish. Ideal for long trips, this kayak offers tons of storage, as seen with its mesh pockets and D-shaped rings that allow you to carry your equipment with you. With a one year warranty, this kayak is certified to support two people with a maximum weight of 470 pounds.


This is one of the best kayaks built for dogs in the market. A large open tub design allows you to comfortably sit your dog with you, making it more comfortable. Adjustable footrests and a large, comfortable seat help keep you comfortable. Paddle holders help give you a hands-free option so you can pet your dog or sunbathe while in the middle of the lake.

A cup holder and a sealed compartment to store all your valuable equipment, such as phones and wallets, this top kayak screams comfort. This kayak stands out for having enough space for all its equipment. With an aft compartment and elastic straps to secure even more equipment in the bow, you can take all your belongings with you.


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real historia;

string sender = "Leonardo Jesus Barbosa";

Programador: Então, o sistema está pronto, de acordo com tudo o que foi pedido. Já está pronto pra usar...

Usuário: Não está funcionando tudo. A gente pediu pra deixar pronto pra usar touchscreen. Não funciona, ó!

Programador: Ah, está funcionando, sim. É que esse monitor é comum...

Usuário: Então o sistema não é touchscreen?

Programador: PLOFT!


Camiseta: Touch scream = aperta e grita

O artigo "Touchscreen" foi originalmente publicado no site Vida de Programador, de Andre Noel.

Chicken Scream: o jogo onde você joga gritando

Sempre que eu vejo um joguinho inovador eu sinto a necessidade de postar aqui, e o jogo da vez é Chicken Scream.

Isso nem é publicidade, é que esse jogo me fez ter tanta vergonha de mim mesmo que eu achei que todos deveriam se sentir assim.

O jogo é simples: é uma galinha que tem que passar por obstáculos, porém ela só se mexe quando você fala, e pula quando você grita. Exemplo:

Você não precisa gritar como galinha, mas além de ser mais realista, é mais constrangedor, o que é a graça do jogo: passar vergonha. Jogue nas filas de bancos, velórios, casamentos… todo mundo vai entender!

Tem pra Android e iOS.



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