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Chrissy, Wake Up - Stranger Things, But We Songify It Into A Musical With Five Acts That'll Cause A

We songified Stranger Things so that EVERY Chrissy and/or Chris in the world can wake up. Which characters should get an Act II solo??
tag us with more songify potential-

The track and other goodies-
Other places to find us:

1:04 Act I: These Cynical Eyes
1:36 - Act II: Villainy & Confusion
2:39 - Deleted Songs & Credits Song

#SongifyThis #Songify
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Space Is Cool, But It’s An Orchestra Recorded In Space With Variations Reverberating Throughout Th

Markiplier’s accidental singing echoes through the universe until it becomes an orchestra, transporting aliens to a higher plane.
In Space With Markiplier is out now!

Thanks to all the players in the Schmo Orchestra-
Cello - Alexandra Jones and Martin Kutnar
Violin - Maria Im and Petar Ruk
Trombone - Christopher Bill
Trumpet - Tadej Vujani?
Guitar - Alexander Foote
Flute and Clarinet - Justin Keller
Other things - G. Bros and Aaron Beamont
Sorry there was no actual ocarina, it was flute
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Cow Attack - The Yodel of Righteousness

High in the peaceful Alps, yodelmeister Takeo Ischi and his beloved friend Heidi encounter a band of fearsome foes.

Written, Directed, & Edited by The Gregory Brothers
Animated by Secret Sauce Studio

Song Written & Composed by The Gregory Brothers
Produced with Aaron Beaumont
Mastered by Dan Millice
On Spotify or wherever you listen to music! ||LINK HERE||

Takeo Ischi as himself -
Mark Fischbach as Yaro -
Natalie Tran as Heidi the Cow -

Animation Director
LD Walker

Lead Animator
Nas Pasha

Michael Burnard
Richard Go
Kenji Iwata
Kam Kalambay
Alexandra Krechman
Saiya Lin
Delondhyl Mcinturff
Nour Masalkhi
Andi Nguyen
James Nguyen
Ryan Plaisance
Bryan Salter

FX Animation
Alem Pilav
LD Walker

Background Artists
Kyle Ostens
Dale Watson

Nas Pasha
LD Walker

Mike Chung
LD Walker

Cleanup & Color
David Kuettel
Jay Li
Saiya Lin
Lissi Leuterio
Jena Denney

LD Walker

Various Instruments - The Gregory Brothers
Additional Vocals - The Gregory Brothers
Various instruments - Aaron Beaumont
Violin - Maria Im
Cello - Alexandra Jones
Additional Bgawks - various Gregory Brothers
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A Very Schmoyoho Christmas, Accent On The Ho Ho Hooooo ????

Schmos near and far! ???? Omicron is preventing us from getting together to do this live, so we're re-airing our last live show—get a hot chocolate and leave this tab open to serenade your gift-wrapping session—we shall hope for a day soon when we can play for you live again ?? ????

Holiday album streaming everywhere + physical here:
All our tracks, stems, & discord-
Other places to find us:

Thanks to the YouTube Space NYC (RIP) for their help with this special!
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I'M BACK - Songify Spider-Man ft. Mork, In Which We Imagined "What If Tobey Maguire Were In No Way H

Stream the track on the way to the theater:
We made this with the one and only @Mork -
New podcast:

All tracks, stems, instrumentals-
Other places to find us:


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