While on face value a Warehouse and a Distribution center might look and feel the same the truth is that there is a lot of difference between the two. The functions of the two are different and also the processes and clients are different.

A Warehouse is a much simpler arrangement than a Distribution Center and also the operations are simple.

These are some broad differences between a Warehouse and a Distribution Center:


In a warehouse goods are stored at times for a long period of time and thus the function of Warehouses is primarily storage. When we talk about Distribution centers they are more complex and they serve many other functions.

Some functions which a distribution center does are storing the product often for a brief period of time and apart from that it also provides value added services like Product Mixing also it does cross docking and order fulfillment and packaging as well.


A Warehouse stores the goods for a longer period of time than a Warehouse Distribution center. On the other hand the Distribution center stores the good for a very brief period of time and then the basic flow velocity in a Warehouse Distribution center is more than a simple warehouse. There is more activity and more product flow and the flow velocity in a Warehouse is pretty less as compared to a Distribution center.


Warehouses exist for a single purpose which is usually the storage of goods and products for a relatively long period of time and thus storage is the primary function of a warehouse. On the other hand a Distribution Center is more customer focused and customer centric and acts as a bridge between the supplier/seller and the end user or customer. The customer is the focal point of the Distribution center and all the actions and functions are performed to enable customer delight.


A Warehouse usually only serves internal customers while a warehouse distribution center serves the end customer. Thus all retail orders are shipped from the warehouse distribution center and not from a regular Warehouse. Thus the customers of a Distribution center are retail buyers and other suppliers while a Warehouse will only service internal customers in most cases.


A Warehouse is a simple arrangement and the operations in a warehouse are simple and straightforward but when we talk about distribution centers then they use the latest technologies which are complex in nature to carry out all the different tasks like cross docking, packaging and product mixing.

Thus as we can see that a Warehouse and a Warehouse Distribution centers are completely unique and are meant for different purposes. A Warehouse is basically used to store goods for a longer period of time so that they can be shipped at the appropriate requirement. These can be off season goods or other goods which have seasonal demands like woolens.

On the other hand a Distribution center keeps and shelves goods for a short and brief duration of time and thus plays the role of a mediator between the supplier and the final consumer. Goods come here and they are directly shipped to the end user and thus the customers, role, functions and capacities of a Warehouse and a Warehouse distribution center are different.

Also a Distribution center is technologically advanced and uses the latest techniques with robots and computers to sort and package and dispatch products almost automatically. This feature is not there is a Warehouse where simple storage and dispatch to an internal customer happens and takes place.

About Gemstones


Gemstones have a rich history and a brilliant past. During the rule of Kings and Queens, gemstones were viewed as things of Kingly dynasty. Average citizens never have a scope to use or adorn them. Time changed and individuals assumed responsibility for themselves, the upper class had all the benefit of adorning the gemstones and they wore it with effortlessness, class and poise. Today, anybody can wear and flaunt gemstones. Gemstones were worn as gems previously however there are not many models where they were likewise been utilized for healing purposes. The Greeks and their neighbouring nations utilized gemstones for their therapeutic impacts. Gemstones are not just restricted to feature success, riches, status and influence yet additionally for their medical advantages as well, Let us view the therapeutic benefits a couple of gemstones offer. Whenever making any gemstone purchase, ensure that you are buying certified gemstones online from a certified and authentic gemstone dealer.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Neelam is known as a propitious gemstone and it have incredible forces. Whenever worn during sadesathi or Saturn Cycle, Neelam can offer extraordinary relief. Try not to go for the gemstone without taking legitimate guidance of the soothsayer as the negative impacts can even damage you. Continuously pick fair and unique Neelam gemstones. Purchase affirmed gemstones on the web. Ensure that you purchase certified gemstones online.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Pukhraj is different valuable gemstones from the Sapphire family and is known for its mending capacities among different gemstones. Associated with planet Jupiter which is the planet of Wisdom and Fortune, Pukhrajhas similar qualities like that of the planet Jupiter. An individual wearing Pukhraj can be honoured with better basic leadership capacities, it helps in increasing the concentration and focus. Pukhraj offers relief to an individual suffering from stomach illnesses, frail stomach related frameworks and in infection like jaundice. Wearing Pukhraj during the RahuMahadash or RahuAntardasha can be exceptionally useful regarding wellbeing and thriving.


White Sapphire (SafedPukhraj)

SafedPukhraj has a place with the favourable sapphire family and is the gemstone of Planet Venus. As indicated by Vedic Astrology, SafedPukhraj forms a better option of Diamonds (Heera) and an exceptionally uncommon jewel. SafedPukhraj is known for its riches and demonstrates lots of healing powers. It has direct effect on success and riches. SafedPukhraj likewise has some medical advantages.

Red Coral (Moonga)

The gemstone talented with the most number of advantages has a place with the Planet Mars otherwise called Mangal. Moonga can make you triumphant and let you gain the advantage over your foes and rivals. Moonga additionally benefits the person from imperativeness, blood dissemination and defeats stalling and apathy..Moonga additionally helps an individual with mental discouragement and anxiety and awards him/her with vitality, expectation and force.


Rose Quartz (Sphatik)

Otherwise called the ‘affection stone’ an excellent looking Rose Quartz (Sphatik) is the stone which blesses the wearer with genuine love, warmth, bliss and feeling. The Sphatik is a ‘vibe decent’ gemstone and recuperates you from feelings of despair particularly in the matter of adoration. This gemstone is for individuals who are suffering downs in their relationship. It recuperates love wounds.

Amethyst (Jambumani)

A wonderful looking purple gemstone, the amethyst lifts the wearer’s quality, offers fortitude just as harmony. This gemstone is really for everybody as every last one of us is experiencing pressure, stress, and temper issues. Amethyst additionally benefits individual who have dependence issues.


Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is the most favourable gemstone ever.  Moti is an uncommon gemstone and have extraordinary recuperating benefits. It benefits in unwell-stomach related frameworks, ripeness inconveniences and heart issues. These days, Pearl powder is utilized in cosmetics sparkling appearance.

Moonstone (Chadrakant)

A lovely and prosperous gemstone, the Moonstone otherwise called Chandrakant is considered mostly for females, not totally however. The moonstone helps to diminish pressure, melancholy and recuperates ailment.

Latest Haryanvi hits by Raju Punjabi


Haryanvi is a strong language, and there are some of the best Haryanvi songs that people are getting fond of. Haryanvi songs are also making their presence in Bollywood. There are many Bollywood movies that have showcased the Haryanvi culture and songs. Some of the famous Haryanvi movies are Sultan and Dangal. One of the Haryanvi songs that became popular from the movie Dangal is Dhakad.

One of the best playback singer and composer of Haryanvi song is Raju Punjabi. He also is a great liveperformer and has worked as a lyricist and music director. Born on 5 September 1986, Raju Punjabi has earned a good name in Haryanvi and Hindi music industry.

Here is the list of some of the best hits by Raju Punjabi

  1. Do Mithe Bol – It is the song for all the Haryanvi songs lovers. The song is beautifully sung by Raju Punjabi and RuchikaJangid. Raju Punjabi has also given the music and lyrics of the song. Music of the song is given by VR Bros.

  2. Desi Desi Na BolyaKarChori Re–This is another highly popular song which is sung by Raju Punjabi. The music of the song is given by VR bros, and the lyrics are written by KD. The song films a music competition where two Haryanvi desi boys want to compete. A girl discourages them by saying that there is no chance of desi boys in the Hi-Fi competition.

  3. Selfie – Selfie is a song sung by Raju Punjabi, and the music is given by VR Bros while the lyrics are written by BintuPabra. The song is launched under the music label T-Series. The song has upbeat music which will make you tap your feet on the dance floor.

  4. Thaa Karke – This new Haryanvi song is getting popular in the entire nation due to its dancing beats and interesting lyrics. The song is sung by Raju Punjabi and SushilaTakhar, DK has done the rap for this song, and the music is composed by Raju Punjabi. The song was released under the label of Nupur Audio.

  5. Prem Bawali –It’s another super hit Haryanvi song in which lyrics are written by Ambar Verma and the song is sung by Raju Punjabi. The music is given by Vinod Chimpa VR Bro’s. This superhit song is being released under the label of T-Series. The song depicts the story of a girl who is in love with a boy.

Raju Punjabi is a versatile singer with great voice. Download Haryanvi song mp3 and enjoy the latest songs of Raju Punjabi.

The best Honor phones (October 2019)


Honor has a variety of great phones available that cover all series of spending plans. From low-end phones to front runners that make your mouth water, the Huawei sub-brand is killing it.

There’s also a little confusion amongst the models of phones because many mobiles are in a similar way named, so we put together a breakdown of the best Honor phones available to assist you sort through them. Allow’s get started!

  1. Honor 20 Pro

Honor 20 Pro rear glass

If you want the most effective Honor phone available today, look no further than the Honor 20 Pro. This is a fantastic gadget for anybody that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money however likewise desires the most effective performance, fantastic cam efficiency, as well as a total wonderful handset.

After being launched in London on May 21 the phone was mysteriously delayed (most likely due to the Huawei Android ban), but Honor is now ultimately offering the Honor 20 Pro in countries apart from the United States.

Honor 20 Pro specifications:

Present: 6.26-inch, Full HD+.

SoC: Kirin 980.


Storage space: 256GB.

Video cameras: 48, 16, 8MP.

Front camera: 32MP.

Battery: 4,000 mAh.

Software: Android 9 Pie.

Read more about honor mobiles at Jawal Honor

  1. Honor Sight 20.

It’s constantly nice to have the latest and best front runner smart device, however occasionally going with a somewhat older model conserves you a couple of bucks without giving up on specifications or features. The Honor 20 Sight set the tone for near bezel-less phones with hole-punch display screens.

What really makes this mid- to high-tier mobile phone special is its electronic cameras. Whether you’re in great or bad illumination, the Honor Sight 20 can catching beautiful shots.

Honor Sight 20 specifications:.

Present: 6.4-inch, Complete HD+.

SoC: Kirin 980.

RAM: 6/8GB.

Storage: 128/256GB.

Cams: 48MP + ToF.

Front cam: 25MP.

Battery: 4,000 mAh.

Software: Android 9 Pie.

  1. Honor 20.

Honor 20 rear.

The Honor 20 is a minor step in between the firm’s most premium mobiles and its mid-range devices. While the tool consists of among the most effective Kirin CPUs, the remainder of the specifications bring it back down to the quality of similarly-priced smart devices.

Honor 20 specifications:.

Present: 6.26-inch, Complete HD+.

SoC: Kirin 980.


Storage space: 128GB.

Electronic cameras: 48, 16, 2, 2MP.

Front electronic camera: 32MP.

Battery: 3,750 mAh.

Software application: Android 9 Pie.

  1. Honor Play.

The rear of the Honor Play.

When you restrict your spending plan, you typically expect to get a rather disappointing smartphone. That isn’t the situation with the Honor Play. For under $300, you get a stunning 6.3-inch screen, a Kirin 970 CPU, up to 6GB of RAM, as well as 64GB of storage space.

And also, the Honor Play includes the firm’s GPU Turbo innovation. This allows the mobile phone to increase when you game on the gadget.

While marketed as a video gaming phone, with its features and cost factor this phone is excellent for practically everybody.

Honor Play specifications:.

Present: 6.3-inch, 2340 x 1080.

SoC: Kirin 970.

RAM: 4/6GB.

Storage space: 64GB.

Electronic cameras: 16 as well as 2MP.

Front camera: 16MP.

Battery: 3,750 mAh.

Software: Android 9 Pie.

  1. Honor 8X.

The back of the Honor 8X.

If you’re looking for a somewhat much more superior budget phone, have a look at the Honor 8X. This gadget is a little bit on the bigger dimension contrasted to other Honor phones, featuring a 6.5-inch display.

The Honor 8X is powered by the Kirin 710 CPU, approximately 6GB of RAM, and a maximum of 128GB of built-in storage. A dual-camera setup around back coupled with Honor’s AI software program enables you to take good images.

Honor 8X specs:.

Present: 6.5-inch, Complete HD+.

SoC: Kirin 710.

RAM: 4/6GB.

Storage: 64/128GB.

Electronic cameras: 20 and also 2MP.

Front electronic camera: 16MP.

Battery: 3,750 mAh.

Software: Android 9 Pie.

Why Students Should Learn Maths Subject?


We have been learning various subjects since our childhood. Mathematics is a subject which is taught to us, compulsorily. It plays an essential role in our world. We used to do several calculations in our day to day life based on mathematical concepts and fundamentals. It is also used extensively in various industries like engineering, medicine, banking, etc. There are specific topics in Maths which have significant applications in our everyday life like geometry explains the shapes of the objects. But along with that we also learn some formulas such as the formula for the equation of a circle, the formula for the ellipse, etc., which explains how those shapes are formed in a plane. Now let us see why this subject is required for students to learn.

Increases Brain Power

We know that computations need reasoning to be resolved. This logic is grown in students by learning Maths. It helps us to expand our thinking capacity and empowers relevant abilities. Students think more distinctly and precisely by practising Maths queries. Thus, they must get trained to deal with the numbers and calculations in our academics.

Real-Life Applications

Maths plays a significant role in real-life. Even for necessary computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division we do, while buying or selling products, needs the basics of Mathematics. You can tell the time in terms of hours, minutes and seconds by learning this subject. Also, you can be a better cook by knowing the perfect proportion of ingredients used in a recipe.  In a large scale, the concept of calculus is used to determine the area using the integration method.

Career Development

While learning Maths in academics, some students get interested in this subject and choose it as their professional path. It helps to make their future, in the line of industrial field such as Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science Engineering, etc. Even in businesses, you can check the bar graph of the company’s growth with the help of the available data.

So primarily we are environed with Mathematical rules in various phases of our life. Therefore, we should learn Maths and get personally developed on this subject.



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